Rubio Tears Into ‘Conspiracy’ Site Breitbart on Fox: ‘Not a Credible Source’


Marco Rubio went on quite a tear against Breitbart during a Fox News appearance this morning, calling them not credible and a pusher of conspiracy theories.

Neil Cavuto asked Rubio about a Breitbart piece from last night titled “Exclusive: On Eve of South Carolina Vote, Nation’s ICE Officers Detail How Marco Rubio Betrayed Them.”

As Rubio points out, the piece does not feature interviews with ICE officers, but with Chris Crane, president of the union that represents ICE employees. He did trash Rubio over and over about how after he met wit the senator, Rubio never introduced any of his proposed changes into immigration reform. He said, “All of his strong statements during our meeting about making the changes we suggested were apparently all just a dodge to get rid of me.”

In response to the piece, Rubio told Cavuto, “It’s being reported on a website that’s not a credible source. It’s the same website that said, Neil, that you guys gave me the questions to the debate.”

He said that his campaign doesn’t give Breitbart press credentials to their events and dismissed their reporting as “basically conspiracy theories.”

And while there are plenty of people who share that view, there’s just a couple problems with Rubio saying it, highlighted by Breitbart’s own Charlie Spiering:

Yes, Breitbart actually ran a Rubio op-ed this week. And yes, Team Rubio was happy to publicize that fact:

You can watch Rubio’s comments on Fox above (the relevant part starts at 2:05).

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