Rubio Tells Immigration Hecklers ‘We’re Going to Enforce our Laws Guys’


Senator Marco Rubio met up with Governor John Kasich today, and they participated in the Jack Kemp Forum on Poverty in South Carolina. While going over his economic-growth proposals, Rubio found himself repeatedly interrupted by protesters, who heckled him for his (lately) anti-amnesty position on immigration.

Five small, separate groups of protesters stood up while Rubio was speaking, holding signs like “undocumented and unafraid” and chanting things such as “Rubio does not represent the Hispanic community, he wants to deport our families!”

Rubio appeared startled at various points in the 20 minutes of separate protests, and he eventually had enough when he shot back at one group “we’re going to enforce our immigration laws, guys.”

By and large, though, Rubio shook off the interruptions by talking further about his idea, and at times laughing things off. At one point, Rubio quipped that Kasich should be interrupted instead, and at another, he asked the moderators to make sure he wasn’t losing time on the clock.

Kasich eventually stepped in by saying that he and Rubio “got the point,” and that “if you keep disrupting, you’re going to disturb everyone around you, so we heard it.”

Nonetheless, both seemed to take a veiled swipe at Donald Trump by remarking that though they face protesters of their own, they do not become the consistent, volatile affairs that have become a staple of a certain someone’s rallies.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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