Rudy Giuliani Calls Riots ‘Completely the Fault of Weak, Incompetent, Progressive Democrats’


Rudy Giuliani spoke with Fox News’ Bill Hemmer Monday on the protests and riots going on around the country.

“It’s six days of lawlessness with little interruption by the police. Essentially the police might as well be cameramen for you,” Giuliani said. “They sit there, they get pounded, they get pelted, 40 Secret Service agents get seriously injured, 50 or 60 New York City police officers have been seriously injured, I never would have accepted that when I was mayor of the city. The protests never would’ve gone beyond one day.”

He said that the “incompetents” leading in these cities and said this has been continuing for days because “they don’t have the fortitude to arrest them.”

“I find these riots to be completely the fault of weak, incompetent, progressive Democrats who have their heads in the clouds,” Giuliani added.

At one point, Hemmer asked Giuliani about his comments that the officer who pinned George Floyd should have been charged with first-degree murder.

Giuliani — after again blasting “exceedingly weak progressive mayors” — argued, “If the autopsy says that he died of asphyxiation, then it should be murder 1. If the autopsy says he died of a heart attack, then we have a little bit more of a problem, because they’re going to argue that the officer did not kill him, the heart attack killed him. That becomes a very, very intricate legal argument. And you might end up see this case as an attempted murder case.”

He said that watching the video, “I counted five times [the cop] was warned that he might be killing him — that’s a lot of warning, that’s a lot of intent. Every single time he was told he is not breathing, he had a chance to reflect and decide: am I going to continue to have him not breathing, which means you’re gonna die, or am I gonna stop? Four, five times he made the decision to do that. That’s a lot of attempt. That’s just as good as premeditation the day before.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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