Rudy Giuliani Fires Back at Michael Avenatti: ‘He’s a Make-Believe Lawyer’ And He ‘Means Nothing to Us’


Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani‘s interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham Wednesday got off to a rollicking start when Ingraham brought up Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti.

Ingraham played a clip of Avenatti’s response to the revelation that President Donald Trump did indeed reimburse his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, for the payment he made to Daniels.

“These folks can’t get their story straight… what they should be doing is telling the truth and they should’ve told the truth a long time ago,” Avenatti said.

“Mr. Giuliani, as recently as a week ago, has been lying to the American people about how this occurred and when it occurred because according to the disclosure today, it occurred back in 2017,” he added.

Upon watching the clip, Giuliani guffawed.

“I don’t think I ever changed that,” he said to Ingraham. “The reimbursement was 2017. The payment, I think, was 2016.”

And then Rudy took out the big guns.

“Look, Avenatti is some kind of a, I don’t know what he is,” he said. “I don’t think he’s a real lawyer. He’s a make-believe lawyer, he’s got all kinds of lawsuits, I think the guy is trying to bail himself out with this case, his law firm went bankrupt.”

“The California Bar is now investigating him,” Ingraham said by way of confirmation.

Giuliani then indicated that he wanted to pivot to discussing special counsel Robert Mueller.

“Avenatti means nothing to us,” he said. “He hasn’t made a single allegation against the president.”

He also assured Ingraham that he is not worried “a lick” about the Cohen investigation and said that they – meaning the president – have gotten “assurances that we’re not involved in it.”

“It’s only about Mueller getting the darn things over with,” he added.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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