Rudy Giuliani: Michael Cohen Has ‘Destroyed Himself’ as a Witness


Amid a firestorm of controversy around mysterious taped conversations between President Donald Trump and his former attorney, Michael CohenRudy Giuliani continued bashing the longtime fixer’s credibility.

“If you got prosecuted for lying to the newspapers or the press, my God, I mean Cohen should go to jail for a thousand years,” Giuliani told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. “His tapes are filled with lies, including the most basic of all, [that] he wasn’t recording it.”

One of the tapes, which was leaked to the media, contained a discussion on payments to get the rights to a story on Trump’s alleged affair with a Playboy model. The recording has been particularly damning for the president’s team, serving as an indication Cohen s turning on his former boss, a revelation that’s frustrating Giuliani.

“I should say I feel sorry for him, but nobody would believe me,” Giuliani told Wallace. “He has destroyed himself, Chris, as a witness. I prosecuted 5,000 cases. I would never prosecute a case on this guy’s testimony. First of all, he talks to the press. He may be taping me. Second, he has contradicted so many times that you begin your cross examination by saying, ‘Which set of lies are you going to tell us today, Michael?'”

Last week, allegations surfaced that the president was aware of the 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russians with dirt on Hillary Clinton, despite saying he had no idea about it before.

While the origin of that leak remains unclear, initially appearing to have come from Cohen’s team until his lawyer claimed that wasn’t so, Giuliani has come to Trump’s defense on the matter, calling it “flat out untrue.”

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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