Rudy Giuliani Offers New Clarification on Stormy Daniels Payment: Trump ‘Did Not in Any Way Violate the Campaign Finance Law’


On Saturday night, President Donald Trump‘s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani sat down for yet another interview with Fox News where he once again addressed the Stormy Daniels payment.

Appearing on Justice with Judge Jeanine, Giuliani was asked to respond to the controversy that started when he announced on another Fox News show earlier this week that Trump had paid back Michael Cohen for the $130,000 Cohen had paid to adult film star Stormy Daniels shortly before the election.

“I would like to talk about what happened this week,” Jeanine Pirro said, referring to what Trump knew or didn’t know about the Daniels payment. “Can you please clear this up for us?”

Giuliani, who has issued multiple statements in the past few days, then replied the answer was “real simple.”

“The President of the United States did not in any way violate the campaign finance law,” Trump’s lawyer said before claiming “every campaign finance expert” both Republican and Democrat would agree with him.

Pirro then gave him a chance to address talk that he had misspoken when he was on Sean Hannity‘s show and seemingly contradicted Trump’s own previous statement he knew nothing about the payment.

“Did you misspeak or did people not interpret what you were saying? Were you talking about the facts or were you talking about the law?” Pirro asked.

Guiliani replied he was talking about the law and the conclusion and even found a way to make it sound like Trump was right when he said that Giuliani had “just started a day ago” after the Hannity interview.

“The facts I’m still learning. This is 1.2 million documents. I have been in the case for two weeks. Virtually one day in comparison to other people. So, I’m not an expert on the facts yet…I am an expert on the law…And the fact is there is no way this is a campaign finance violation of any kind. Nor was it a loan. It was an expenditure and this expenditure would have been made whether he was running for president or he wasn’t running for president.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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