Rudy Giuliani Say Michael Cohen a ‘Victim’, Too: ‘If He Wants To Cooperate, I Think It’s Great’


Chuck Todd and Rudy Giuliani had an animated discussion on Meet the Press Sunday morning, discussing Robert Mueller‘s investigation, President Donald Trump‘s potential interview with investigators, and what Michael Cohen may know or say to investigators.

As he said on all the other Sunday morning shows, Giuliani said there was nothing to the investigation and nothing to lead to President Trump from any of the witnesses or evidence to date.

Giuliani blasted the investigation and Mueller’s team at length, especially with regard to the wisdom of Trump sitting down with Mueller. “The President is very anxious to testify because he knows he’s done nothing wrong,” he said. “It’s us, his lawyers, who have real real hesitation about it.”

He continued, “I mean, look at how biased the people who started this investigation were. I’ve never seen an investigation–”

Todd interjected to ask directly about whether Giuliani is alleging corruption on the part of Mueller. “You think Robert Mueller is a biased man?”

Giuliani’s answer was long.

No, no but I think he’s surrounded by biased people. Almost exclusively. He’s got a guy who donated over thirty thousand to Hillary. He’s got someone who was crying at her loss party, victory party, whatever you want to call it. And has a lead investigator who is probably going to go to jail. An FBI agent who said you have to stop Trump. Has there ever been an investigation of this magnitude with such obvious indications of extreme, disgusting bias which totally corrupts the process? Can I expect these people to be objective about Donald Trump?

Asked again by Todd if Mueller is “corrupt”, Giuliani said “I do not think he is corrupt.”

Todd then asked about the potential cooperation of Michael Cohen, and whether the Trump team is worried about that. The former Mayor characterized Cohen as one among several “victims” of Mueller.

“No, in fact, if he wants to cooperate I think it’s great,” said Giuliani. “We’ve been through all his records. I know Michael. There’s no, he has no evidence of, nor was he involved in anything untoward with the President. The fact is Michael has been a victim here like a lot of other people.”

“So you want Michael Cohen to cooperate with the feds? You think that’s a good development for the President if he does?” Todd asked.

“Yes,” said Giuliani. “I have every indication there’s nothing in this investigation that has any ability to touch the President.”

His friendly tone toward Cohen was consistent across the Sunday morning talk shows.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of NBC.

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