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Rudy Giuliani Talks 2012, Feels Barack Obama Is ‘Too Darn Afraid’ To Come Up With A Budget Plan

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani paid a visit to Fox News’ Sean Hannity to discuss several important items — like the President’s handling of the debt crisis and whether he has his eye on the 2012 election. Hannity kicked off the segment by noting that, although Giuliani has yet to make any formal announcement about whether or not he’ll run, he did pay a visit to New Hampshire. Giulani said he received a “lot of advice” while in that state.

He says he’s weighing his options, figuring out how well he’d do in various states and seeing how well other candidates are faring. But he does know one thing for sure:

My objective is we cannot have President Obama after the next year. I mean, look at what he’s put us through with this whole debt thing and this because a president doesn’t lead. I mean, Republicans, Democrats fight with each other in the House and the President has never outlined how he would do… This is outrageous!

Giuliani went on to opine that Obama is “too darn afraid” to draw up a plan, and if this country defaults it is “90 percent” on the President’s shoulders. He guesses that, because Obama has not had previous executive experience, it’s not really a surprise that he “messes up” when it comes to planning and outlining.

Have a look at the segment, via Fox News:

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