Rula Jebreal Calls Out MSNBC: Whoever’s Doing Their PR ‘Needs to Rethink’ Things

Former MSNBC foreign affairs commentator Rula Jebreal appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources Sunday morning to discuss her tumultuous week that saw her criticizing MSNBC on one of its own shows for neglecting Palestinian voices, having her subsequent appearances on the network canceled, and then being labelled a “Palestinian journalist” when she returned to debate the incident with Chris Hayes.

It was this last part that seemed to really anger Jebreal. “I felt terrible,” she said. “I was hired by MSNBC and for two years I was labelled as analyst, journalist, foreign policy expert. I was never labelled a Palestinian journalist…Who does that? Is this how we label people? Whoever is doing this PR campaign for MSNBC needs to rethink these issues.”

Jebreal was an MSNBC contributor until her contract expired last month.

“Did I become Palestinian because this way you can describe me as emotional and as biased, and can avoid debate as to who is really biased on these issues?” she continued. “They need to give these answers not to me, but to their audience.”

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