Rupert Murdoch Asked Why He Won’t Resign, Says He Is Not To Blame

During today’s explosive parliamentary hearing, News Corp. head Rupert Murdoch was asked why he won’t resign from his position in the midst of News of the World‘s phone hacking scandal.

My last question is for you, Mr. Rupert Murdoch. You said that your friend of 52 years, I think, Les Hinton has stepped down and has resigned because he was in charge of the company at the time. In other words, he said he was the captain of the ship and therefore he resigned. Is it not the case, sir, that you, in fact, are the captain of the ship? You are the chief executive officer of News Corp, the global corporation.

[“A very much bigger ship,” noted Murdoch at this point, “but yes.”]

It is a much bigger ship, but you are in charge of it. And as you said in earlier questions, you do not regard yourself as a hands-off chief executive; you work ten to twelve hours a day. This terrible thing happened on your watch, Mr. Murdoch. Have you considered resigning?

Murdoch responded with a simple, “No,” before explaining that he feels that “people I trusted — I’m not saying who, I don’t know what level — have let me down…” Murdoch said he believes it is these individuals who deserve blame, not him.

Have a look at video from the hearing, courtesy of Fox News:

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