Rush Limbaugh at Trump Rally: We’re Divisive?! The Dems Haven’t Even Accepted They Lost 2016!


Conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh made a guest appearance at the Trump rally in his hometown of Cape Giarardeau, MO.

Limbaugh began by rebuking the label “Democrats and the media” have given President Donald Trump and his supporters — “divisive.”

“‘Divisive?!?’ The Democrats haven’t even accepted that the lost the election in 2016! That’s what this is all about!” Limbaugh exclaimed. “It’s serious stuff! All of this! I mean, for crying out loud… Two years ago, a year and a half, every day, newspaper, every newspaper, New York Times, Washington Post, ‘anonymous intelligence sources confirming that Trump colluded with Putin to steal the election.’ There’s no evidence for it!  Zero, zilch, nada! It didn’t happen! It was made up! Hillary Clinton colluded with Russia. Hillary Clinton rigged the election.”

That sparked a booming “Lock Her Up!” chant in the stadium.

Limbaugh declared that the Trump rallies are “the envy” of Washington, saying not one elected official in either party “can do” what was taking place in Cape Girardeau other than President Trump.

“They’re jealous. They are envious. This isn’t supposed to happen!” Limbaugh continued. “You people are supposed to love them, not Trump! So guess what, they want to get in on it! Bill and Hillary Clinton on their national stadium tour- have you seen Obama? He’s been stumping down in Florida where I live. He’s been drawing crowds of a thousand people, two thousand people. Joe Biden can’t fill a phone booth because he’s looking for somebody to punch out. This is incredible!”

He then admitted that he was skeptical of Trump’s candidacy at first, but after seeing the early poll numbers and witnessing the first Trump rally, Limbaugh thought “he’s gonna win.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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