Rush Limbaugh: ‘I Have A Better Record Of Job Creation Than Romney Or Obama’

Rush Limbaugh believes in private industry’s power to create jobs, he told his audience today, because he has lived it. As the head of an enterprise that has been around for the better of two decades, he has found the secret to maintaining his job while creating jobs for others, though “at no did… did anybody say our purpose here is to create jobs.” Given how long he has been on the job, Limbaugh proclaimed today that he has “created more jobs than Obama and Romney put together, damn right.”

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During a discussion on the power of private industry to fuel the economy, Limbaugh spoke about the industry he knew best: talk radio. “syndicated talk, in the daytime, has never made any money,” he noted, adding that in the nighttime talk was rough for money, too. Using himself and Larry King as examples, Limbaugh argued that neither ever went out to intend to create jobs. “At no time when we started,” Limbaugh argued, did “anybody say our purpose here is to create jobs in radio.” But they did anyway. “I have created more jobs than Obama and Romney put together, damn right– and I’ve been doing it longer!” He adds that, given that he still has his job, he also “did not cannibalize myself.”
The clip below:


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