Rush Limbaugh: Liberals Turning Dr. King Into ‘Billboard,’ ‘Advertisement’ for Their Agenda

Rush Limbaugh reacted to Wednesday’s big speeches commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington with sheer disgust at how liberals are using Martin Luther King, Jr. as a “commodity” to sell the product that is their ideology. He said it’s ridiculous for anyone to speculate on what Dr. King’s stance on modern-day political issues would be, although Limbaugh did indulge in a teeny bit of that as well.

Limbaugh was set off by President Obama suggesting Dr. King would have supported Obamacare if he was alive. Limbaugh first called it “the height of self-absorption” for the president to believe this, before arguing that a man like King, “who believed that no work was illegitimate, that no work was beneath anybody… would sit there and be open to the idea of the government taking care of everybody.”

Limbaugh engaged in some mock speculation over what King would think of issues like Benghazi and Michelle Obama trying to determine everybody’s lunch menu,” mixing it in with some serious questions about what Dr. King would make of contemporary issues in the black community. Limbaugh declared that the left is “turning him into a billboard, an advertisement,” and considered it a “near-crime” to “hijack” his message for Obama’s agenda.

Listen to the audio below, via WABC:

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