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Rush Limbaugh Uses Herman Cain’s Anita Hill ‘Joke’ To Continue Verbal Assault On Sharon Bialek

On his top-rated radio program today, conservative giant Rush Limbaugh used the outrage over Herman Cain‘s “joke” about Anita Hill as an excuse to continue his sick verbal assault on Cain accuser Sharon Bialek. After briefly lambasting “the left” for believing the “lies” of Anita Hill, Limbaugh went to work on Bialek, whom he continued to demean by calling her “Buy-a-lick.”

He used a report by Bialek’s former fiancee´ to taunt Ms. Bialek and her son for being “all alone,” and noted, “she’s available.”

It should surprise no one that Rush Limbaugh is an absolute pig, or that he would be so deliberately, sickeningly provocative. However, knowing, as he does, the intensity of his fan base, Limbaugh’s use of the sexually charged name “Buy-a-lick,” combined with his repeated notation that “she’s available,” nudges uncomfortably close to an invitation for those fans to target Ms. Bialek for harassment.

The entire segment is made of stupid. Limbaugh starts out fretting over a column by The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart, which made brief mention of Cain’s Anita Hill joke, calling it “tone deaf.”

Limbaugh then compares Herman Cain’s mockery of Anita Hill with the work of stand-up comics and such, saying, “They can mock anything — they can make fun of in the most disgusting ways — and it’s art, or it’s creativity, or it’s great comedy, writing or whatever.”

All of this seems to be a mere pretext, though, to essentially calling Sharon Bialek a whore, and an unloved one, at that. Citing a report in which Bialek’s former fiancee, Mark Harwood, clarifies that they’re no longer together (but still vouched for her motives in the Cain case), Limbaugh taunted Bialek and her son. “‘Sharon and her son moved out in February of this year and now live in their own home … so effectively we’re no longer engaged.’ Oh, no! Buy-A-Lick’s fiance has now fled the scene,” he said, with mock sadness.

“Oh, the shame! The sadness,” he continued. “Ladies and gentlemen, oh, no! How devastating. Buy-A-Lick is alone now (interruption) and available, yes. I hadn’t look at it that way but that’s obviously true. She’s available.”

Rush Limbaugh has reached the point where such farting-in-church “look at me” antics as calling the Cain accusers “babes” is hardly worth noting anymore, but his vicious attacks on Bialek verge on the irresponsible, even for Limbaugh. They’re also a dirty window into the sick minds of his millions of followers, who eat this stuff up like it’s candied Viagra.

Here’s the clip, from The Rush Limbaugh Show:

(h/t Daily Rushbo)

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