Russell Simmons Blasts Media: “You Can’t Have Much Faith In Them”

We know you’ve been waiting tirelessly for hip hop mogul Russell Simmons to break his silence on the media. Well, kids, your wait is over.

Simmons, the Phat Farm honcho and longtime media critic chose the obvious setting: CNN’s Parker Spitzer, to lay down a harsh track of criticism of the American media: “You can’t have much faith in them. You’ve got to work around them…the media does not have the people’s best interest” at heart.

That blast got a warning from Kathleen Parker: “watch it now.”

Simmons didn’t dial it down:

“The media, look at the choices for the news. They don’t put human suffering on there, they don’t mention… You could be talking about a missing girl for three months and never mention the fifteen thousand Africans that died for lack of clean water yesterday. Or you won’t talk about the 200,000 innocent Iraqis who were killed. You only talk about the four thousand Americans killed in the invasion.”

Simmons, who noted he lives directly across the street from Ground Zero, also singled out finger-pointing coverage of the “Ground Zero Mosque” and “one guy burning a book” from Florida who “becomes an international example of American hate. And that’s the media.”

Fearless former prosecutor Eliot Spitzer opted not to jump into the debate with Simmons over whether the media do more harm than good. Watch:

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