Russell Simmons: Occupy Wall Street Protesters Want Constitutional Amendment

Hip Hop mogul and progressive activist Russell Simmons told CNN that Occupy Wall Street protestors will remain at Zuccotti Park possibly until Congress passes a constitutional amendment that says “money is going to leave Washington.” “We want the people to control the government, not the corporations and not the special interests,” said Simmons.

“It all goes back to the fact that corporations are controlling our government,” the Def Jam impresario said. “It’s a democracy. The people should control this government, it’s pretty simple.”

Simmons competed against shouts from the crowd who said he was part of the problem. He contended he was part of the “100%”. “I believe if these people are sick or suffering, I’m paying not enough taxes. I want to support them in an effort to make it more fair, a more fair country, a better union.”

Simmons has been very visible at the protest, inviting Kanye West, and earlier offered to pay the costs of the cleanup of Zuccotti Park.

During the interview, a demonstrator cried out, “CNN has been lying about this protest! CNN is full of shit!”

Watch the interview with Simmons below via CNN:

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