‘Russia, Russia, Russia!’ Kellyanne Conway Mocks CNN’s ‘Unverified’ Coverage to Chris Cuomo


CNN’s Chris Cuomo spoke with White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday, and things went incredibly off the rails as they held a grueling 19 minute interview about James Comey‘s firing.

Seriously, you need to see the whole thing. It’s memorable.

Conway was on to defend her position from last night that President Trump did not fire Comey as part of an attempt to cover-up or derail the FBI’s investigation into his possible connections into Russia. As Conway talked about how Comey’s credibility was questioned on both political sides, Cuomo asked why Jeff Sessions was reportedly helping Trump find reasons to fire Comey. This being after the Attorney General had supposedly recused himself from investigations into the 2016 campaign.

Conway hit back at Cuomo by saying “you always want to talk about Russia, Russia, Russia,” and she accused CNN of irresponsibly reporting on how the FBI conducts investigations. Cuomo noted Conway’s remarks as a “talking point,” which led to a dust-up where Cuomo said it was “naive and deceptive” for the White House to presume the facts of an ongoing investigation.

The sparring match continued as Cuomo asked why Trump fired Comey now instead of earlier, while Conway insisted that Trump’s decision will help reestablish the FBI’s public confidence. Things got particularly heated when the two of them argued the semantics of Trump’s letter claiming that Comey told the president that he was not under FBI investigation.

Cuomo eventually switched gears by bringing up Trump’s pattern of changing his public opinions about Comey. Conway took issue with Cuomo again after he referenced the indications that Trump fired Comey over his frustration with government leaks.

“You’re connecting things that aren’t provable and things that have been reported in one or two places that haven’t been verified, because that’s what you guys do,” Conway responded.

The CNN anchor pressed on by asking about the timing of Trump’s decision, even as the president faces an active investigation. Conway eventually accused Cuomo of wishing Comey would remain head of the FBI.

Watch above, via CNN.

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