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Russia Says Nyet to House of Cards’ Filming Request

Russia’s United Nations delegation vetoed a request Tuesday from Netflix’s House of Cards to film in the UN’s Security Council.

The popular streaming show wanted to film two episodes inside the iconic room, meaning no doubt Frank Underwood is about to do to some poor country what he once did to Peter Russo. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon didn’t seem to have any problem with the request, believing the setting would raise awareness about the U.N.

So what’s Russia’s damage, aside from what appears to be a Kremlin-wide commitment to high-level trolling? According to emails obtained by Foreign Policy, Russian diplomats argued the filming could interfere if the room is needed for an urgent crisis. Yeah, like what if something happens in Ukraine?

By the by, a Putin v. Underwood storyline would make a great Season Four.

[h/t Foreign Policy]

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