Ryan Lizza Explains Bogus Obama Remarks: President Trump Just ‘Makes Sh*t Up’


New Yorker writer Ryan Lizza ended up in a contentious debate on Monday night when he condemned President Trump over his latest bogus remarks about Barack Obama.

Lizza was part of a CNN panel discussion about whether Trump declined to talk about the fallen soldiers in Niger before because it might’ve been pertinent to sensitive military matters. Former Trump communications director Jason Miller was on to defend the president’s remarks, though Lizza was not in the mood for any justifications of Trump’s constant, demonstrably-untrue statements:

“This president, on a daily basis, he just makes sh*t up. He lies. Why is that? Why is he so different from previous presidents, that just, when he gets a question like that from a journalist, his immediate thing is just to make something up, and then when he’s presented with the facts, he just says ‘Oh, somebody told me that,’ and… backs down immediately. Why does he make stuff up all the time?”

Miller argued that journalists keep trying to catch Trump in negatively framed questions, but Lizza kept asking him why Trump insists on making stuff up when he could just abstain from false statements. The two continued to fight about whether journalists are trying to force Trump to answer a certain way, and whether the president ought to just tell the truth.

“If this were a one-off, we could move to the next issue,” Lizza said. “But why does it happen on a daily basis?”

Watch above, via CNN.

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