S.E. Cupp and Whoopi Awkwardly Battle over Public Prayer

On ABC’s The View Wednesday, the co-hosts, including guest host S.E. Cupp, weighed in on a controversial news story about women who were told not to pray inside a Dublin, Ga., shopping mall.

Sherri Shepherd said banning prayer in a public place like a mall would be a “slippery slope” that led businesses to discriminate against other types of innocuous expression.

When both Cupp and Whoopi Goldberg chimed in, things got uncomfortable as both of them were clearly not understanding the other.

Cupp argued that non-disruptive prayer should always be allowed, even in private places.

Goldberg, sporting a new hairstyle, said she doesn’t mind prayer in public places. “But I don’t want to know you’re doing it,” she said. Likewise, she said she doesn’t want anyone approaching her to ask why she isn’t praying.

From there it got worse with Cupp arguing that Goldberg doesn’t have “the right” to get upset when she sees someone praying, and Goldberg arguing that no one has the right to ask her why she isn’t praying.

Of course, everyone has all of those rights, but that’s beside the point.

Neither Cupp nor Goldberg seemed to understand each other, with Goldberg eventually clapping her hands at Cupp the way a teacher might snap her fingers at an unruly student.

Watch via ABC:

[Image via ABC]

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