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S.E. Cupp Battles Steve Kornacki Over Bob Costas ‘Shameful’ Pitch for Gun Control During NFL Game

On Monday, two of the four co-hosts of MSNBC’s The Cycle, S.E. Cupp and Steve Kornacki, exchanged barbs over whether it was appropriate for NBC Sports’ Bob Costas to take the opportunity of an NFL player’s recent murder/suicide to advocate for gun control. The pair battled over Costas’ focus on firearms and how much emphasis should correctly be placed on gun control as a means of reducing the deaths that result from all-too-common incidents of domestic violence.

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Following the suicide of Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher following the murder of his girlfriend, Bob Costas took to NBC’s coverage of the NFL to express his opinion that both would still be alive if Belcher did not possess a handgun.

Cupp, a vocal Second Amendment rights advocate, found Costas’ move to be myopic. “We’re talking about the weapons, we’re not talking about domestic violence,” Cupp lamented. “That does a huge disservice to the woman who was in that situation.”

Cupp said that Costas’ moment of political opinion was irresponsible. She said it gave viewers permission to dismiss the largely unaddressed problems of domestic violence and psychiatric disorders in favor of the more tread-worn subject of gun control.

“Bob Costas has, I think, done something shameful and irresponsible and is going to have some blood on his hands if we continue to talk about the wrong problem, what is not the problem: handguns,” Cupp concluded.

“I wish you’d grapple with some of the statistics that are out there,” Kornacki replied.

“I’ve read about this a lot, Steve,” Cupp interjected. “Very few domestic violence cases are committed with handguns. That’s a fact.”

Kornacki countered that a domestic disturbance in a house with a handgun is 12 times more likely to end in a homicide. He also said that two thirds of women killed by handguns are involved in a domestic disturbance.

“There’s a link here,” Kornacki said. “It takes a horrible situation where a woman gets beat up, but at least has a change to get out with her life and get away from that situation – it takes that and it makes her dead.”

Cupp responded by saying that women are more often harmed by fists than any deadly weapon in domestic violence situations.

“I think Bob Costas could have had a really great moment if he realized that he had a captive audience, mostly of men, to talk about the horrors of domestic violence,” Cupp said.

“And ignore the element that takes domestic violence and makes it 12 times more likely to lead to somebody dying? Let’s just ignore that,” Kornacki shot back.

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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