S.E. Cupp Contends Media ‘Knows So Little’ About Guns: ‘Shouldn’t We Have Gun Beat Reporters?’

HLN anchor S.E. Cupp took to the airwaves tonight to address the tone behind our nation’s gun control debate, which she initially likened to a “national shouting match, complete with props.”

Cupp decided to hone in on what the media could do to make the conversation on gun control more balanced, coming up with the notion of a “gun beat reporter,” meaning a journalist whose main responsibility is to report on gun-related issues.

“I can’t name another single issue about which the media knows so little, and yet is so vocal,” she said. “I get asked all the time whether or not I know journalists who know anything about guns, and I know very, very few.”

Cupp went on to ask guest Brian Stelter “shouldn’t we have gun beat reporters,” to which he answered in the affirmative.

“Absolutely. I think you’ve identified a problem in the American media,” he said. “What we need from journalists, and I think we’ve seen a lot of it, is humility to know what you don’t know and try to find out the answers.”

Commentator Andy Levy agreed with the call for journalists to learn more about the gun control debate.

“It’s a lot easier to yell ‘we have to do something’ than it is to educate yourself,” he said.

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