S.E. Cupp Gives Trump Hints on How to Make His White House ‘Alone Time’ Productive: ‘How About a Vision Board?’


On Saturday, President Donald Trump tweeted out that there was practically no one in the White House but him as the shutdown lingers on.

“I just watched a Fake reporter from the Amazon Washington Post say the White House is ‘chaotic, there does not seem to be a strategy for this Shutdown. There is no plan.’ The Fakes always like talking Chaos, there is NONE. In fact, there’s almost nobody in the W.H. but me,” Trump wrote.

In response, CNN’s  S.E. Cupp suggested that Trump make the most of his alone time.

“You know, I’ve always found my alone time to be some of my most productive,” Cupp suggested. “Use this me time, Mr. President, get back in touch with you. Try meditating, get centered… or how about a vision board?”

She then explained a vision board is “where you paste pictures of all the things you’d like to accomplish this year. I’ve got you started. Here’s a picture of a wall. Here’s a picture of you signing a bill into a law. Put those up on your vision board. Think it.”

She then concluded: “Whatever you do, the most important lesson is, when you fall off a horse or fail to deliver on a key promise despite having total control of Washington, you get back on the horse. You don’t declare a national emergency and make taxpayers pay for the horse. Good life lesson.”

Watch above,  via CNN

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