S.E. Cupp on Trump’s North Korea Tweets: You Send ‘Warmest Regards’ to Pen Pals, Not Dictators


In announcing the cancellation of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo‘s upcoming North Korea trip, President Donald Trump sent Kim Jong Un his “warmest regards.”

On CNN this afternoon, Wolf Blitzer‘s panel was a little thrown by the tweets, with Ryan Lizza saying this is “not the normal kind of diplomacy we are all used to.”

S.E. Cupp was a little more direct:

“‘Warmest regards’ is, you know, how you end a letter to a pen pal. It’s not how you address one of the world’s worst dictators who starves his own people. Even if you are trying detente, diplomacy, even if that’s your effort and you’re trying to sort of thaw the freeze, you still need to recognize who this man is and treat him accordingly. But also, yes, North Korea was always going to be a folly and going over to Singapore and staging these theatrics was not going to simply reverse, you know, decades of policy and intransigence and inaction and stubbornness on behalf of the North Korean regime. So if Trump’s ‘shoot first aim second’ kind of foreign policy is backfiring, color me unsurprised.”

You can watch the video above, via CNN.

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