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S.E. Cupp Responds To Hustler Controversy On The View

Conservative commentator S.E. Cupp was in the audience of The View on Thursday, and the ladies devoted a few minutes of the show to discuss the controversy surrounding Hustler magazine’s recent depiction of Cupp, in a photoshopped, sexually explicit image. Cupp said she was “horrified” by it, but was thankful to those who came out in her defense — including Sandra Fluke and Planned Parenthood.

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Asked about her reaction to first seeing the image, Cupp replied, “I was horrified. It was disgusting. And even though I didn’t actually do that, by the end of the day, I felt ashamed. As if I had.”

She added, “Knowing that this photo will be out there forever, my children will see it when I have them one day. It’s sad. I’m sad.”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck noted that the National Organization for Women (or “some women,” she quipped) have yet to respond. Cupp said she’s not a victim, and took a minute to “applaud” Sandra Fluke and Planned Parenthood for supporting her.

Legally, Cupp said there’s simply not enough of a case for her to sue, that it’s a First Amendment issue. The co-hosts denounced Hustler’s decision, agreeing that it’s just not the way to respond to someone with differing political views.

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