S.E. Cupp: Some Dems Risk Looking Angrier at ‘Biden for His Hugs’ Than at Bill Clinton for Rape Allegations


Conservative commentator S.E. Cupp concedes that, overall, Democrats have a better record of handling MeToo claims than Republicans. But in her view, there are two notable exceptions: Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Appearing on The Lead Wednesday, Cupp called out progressives for what she argues might be a more harsh reaction to the claims of inappropriate physical contact against former Vice President Joe Biden than the allegations of rape and misconduct against Bill Clinton, and claims Hillary has demeaned her husband’s accusers.

“I think some risk looking like they are angrier at Joe Biden for his hugs than they have been with Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton — Bill for his actual rape allegations, and Hillary for demeaning and discrediting his women accusers,” Cupp said. “So I wouldn’t overstep. It’s a good lesson, and we should talk through this moment. But I think Joe Biden should not be disqualified based on this.”

Fellow Lead panelist Margaret Hoover concurred that Biden ought not be eliminated from the 2020 race over the recent claims, but questions whether he might be regardless.

“I genuinely don’t believe, based on what we’ve seen from the Democratic Party — the Democratic party and progressive base’s treatment of Al Franken — that this will be enough,” Hoover said. She added, “Joe Biden’s running and occupying entirely the moderate lane of the Democratic Party, and the progressives don’t have space or want him in. By the way nor does the Republican Party and Donald Trump. So Biden’s taking it from all sides now and there’s a real question to his strength and viability. If he weathers this, then he’ll be a real candidate. If not, it’s over.”

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