S.E. Cupp Tears Into Hillary for Remarks About Trump Voters: ‘Self-Centered, Self-Righteous’

In response to Hillary Clinton’s recent controversial comments in India — in which she suggested Donald Trump supporters are “backwards” people — HLN’s right-of-center firebrand S.E. Cupp tore into the former Democratic presidential candidate.

Clinton, who made the comments while speaking at 2018’s India Today Conclave in Mumbai, accused those who supported the president in the 2016 election of not wanting “women” to get jobs, “Indian Americans,” and “black people” to succeed or have rights.

This speech led Cupp to suggest this rhetoric is why Clinton lost and go on a sarcastic rant:

“She won the coast, which is you know, better than all those backwards in-between states. She won places that are diverse, which is, you know, better than all those places that aren’t. She won places that optimistic, which is, you know, better than all those places that have been struggling for decades. Got it — I’m sure Republicans are hoping Democrats frame the 2020 election just like that.”

She also called Clinton’s post-2016 endeavors a “ending tour to explain what happened” and said the failed candidate is “more myopic, self-centered, self-righteous, unaccountable, and unrelatable” than any other “political creature.”

Watch above, via HLN.

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