S.E. Cupp Tells Dems to Move On: The ‘Trump Investigation Messiah’ Will Likely Not Come


The Mueller report summary is out, and according to CNN’s S.E. Cupp, Democrats should see it as a gift and a chance to move on.

Speaking on her show on Saturday afternoon, Cupp suggested that policy talk — not focusing on investigations — is the path forward for Dems.

“So with Trump trying to pivot to that easily solvable, totally uncontroversial issue, health care, what will Democrats do? Here’s the deal. When presented with the opportunity to shift to policy, I think we’re likely to hear warmed-over chestnuts like we can walk and chew gum at the same time from Congressional Democrats,” she said. “And that’s good.”

She continued on: “I hope so. Because continued oversight of this president — oversight Republicans failed to do — is important. But when looking ahead to the election, Democrats also have to make a choice. Fight Trump on his turf, investigations that aren’t likely to change anyone’s minds, or on theirs, policy fights over what really matters to voters.”

Then, after noting Dem candidate Pete Buttigieg appears to among the Dems that get that, Cupp concluded: “Democrats, here’s my two cents. Take the gift that Mueller gave you, the excuse to move on to policies. Issues you can actually win on, issues that people care about. Or I guess keep waiting to be saved by another Trump investigation messiah that likely will never come.”

Watch above, via CNN

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