S.E. Cupp Trashes Bloomberg Over Marathon: ‘What The Hell Are You Thinking?’

Co-host of MSNBC’s The Cycle, S.E. Cupp, severely admonished New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his decision to go forward with the annual New York City Marathon over the weekend. She said that it was irresponsible to divert resources to the marathon and invite thousands of non-residents into the city when there are thousands of residents facing an increasingly dire situation without power, water or food.

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“With all due respect, Mr. Mayor, what the hell are you thinking,” Cupp began. “New York City is a disaster area. Thousands are homeless or displaced. Hundreds of thousands still without power in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. The subways aren’t fully functional. Our gas stations are out of gas.”

Cupp played a clip of a frustrated Staten Island resident who voiced his anger at the city government for hosting the marathon when so many of his neighbors need the help.

“Heartbroken residents of the five boroughs do not want to watch out-of-towners jog through their neighborhood as they dig out of the wreckage,” Cupp added. “The marathon is scheduled to bring more than 47,000 runners to our city. That sounds like 47,000 volunteers to me.”

“Do the right thing,” Cupp concluded. “Postpone this race, Mayor Bloomberg.”

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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