S.E. Cupp Warns Republicans They’re ‘Paying Garbage-Laced Lip Service’ By Defending Trump’s Racism


On Sunday, GOP Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue took to the morning news shows to defend the president following the backlash POTUS has faced over reports that he called immigrants from Haiti and African nations “people from shithole countries.” Both lawmakers amended their original joint statement in which they claimed they didn’t recall Trump saying those words, declaring on Sunday that Trump didn’t make those exact remarks and that his comments were misrepresented.

With it now being reported that those claiming Trump didn’t make those comments could seriously come down to some hearing him say “shithouse” instead of “shithole,” HLN’s S.E. Cupp warned Republicans that they are now “playing a very dangerous game” by dismissing Trump’s “racist comments.”

Cupp began her monologue by noting that Democrats overplayed their hands during 2012 election when it came to highlighting racist behavior by GOP nominee Mitt Romney and allies, providing examples of Democrats and pundits making spurious claims of racism towards President Obama. She then stated that six years later, Trump makes those efforts to smear Romney as racist look silly and “downright dirty.”

After pointing out that Trump has called neo-Nazis “very fine people” and Mexicans “rapists,” Cupp brought up the president’s most recent controversial comments.

“Democrats were playing a dangerous game that risked minimizing actual racism that is still alive and well in pockets around the country,” the HLN host declared. “Now I would tell my Republican friends and colleagues, you too are playing a very dangerous game. Dismissing or straining to explain away the racist comments with cutesy semantics.”

Cupp wrapped up her takedown of Trump-defending GOPers with this flourish:

“It will not divert to the very real questions you may have about the efficacy of the visa lottery program and won’t scrub away the hardened patina of bigotry that is forever shellacked on this presidency and those who support it. All you’re doing by defending the president’s words is paying garbage-laced lip service to a generation who’s on its way out. A generation that believes America was best when it was whiter. A generation that believes immigrants only take instead of give. A generation who wishes we could go back. That generation is not the future. they are the very imminent past. when they are dead and gone, what will you have left to show for your defense of the indefensible?”

Tell us how you really feel, S.E.!

Watch the clip above, via HLN.

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