Sam Bee Burns the Media For ‘Trading Their Balls For Ratings’ With Poor Trump Fact-Checking

Samantha Bee
returned from her hiatus on Monday night, and one of her first orders of business was to scold the Fourth Estate for not doing a better job of calling out Donald Trump whenever he lies or uses false arguments.

Pointing to the highly-criticized recent performance by Matt Lauer, Bee explained that the Commander-in-Chief forum was merely symptomatic of the current state of the press. Bee explained that this could be prominently seen whenever news figures refuse to call out Trump’s politics for fear of appearing biased, invoke facts without proper context, or when they fail to adequately point out what is true or false.

“There’s no time to report the facts and what people feel are the facts,” Bee mocked. “Why can’t the media just tell us what’s true and what’s bullsh*t? ”

“Calling a liar a liar isn’t an opinion if you can prove it,” Bee pressed on. “That’s what we call a fact. The idea that news network executives traded their balls for ratings, that’s just my opinion.”

Bee somewhat conceded towards the end that news organizations are required to live up to a standard that forbids them from effectively calling out Trump’s disqualifying qualities. She argues that instead, that standard forces the press to create a false equivalency between those failings and Hillary Clinton‘s.

Watch above, via TBS.

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