Sam Bee Congratulates CNN For Serving ‘Public Interest’ With Tapper’s Fiery Conway Interview


A new week means there was a new episode of Full Frontal, and Samantha Bee used her Wednesday night time slot to take aim at the latest wave of controversies and talking points to emerge from the Trump administration. Bee was happy about one thing though: that “CNN had a good day” in challenging President Trump with their coverage.

After commenting on Trump’s Nordstrom feud and other developments, Bee turned her attention to the intense interview that took place this week between Jake Tapper and Kellyanne Conway. Conway appeared on The Lead after recent reports that CNN kept her off the air over concerns on her credibility, and she was met with a rapid barrage of questions over Trump’s multiple “falsehoods.”

“Damn, Jake. Wow. I didn’t think CNN let you use the f-word on the air,” Bee exclaimed.

Bee went on to give the network her approval for the health care debate they recently hosted between Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz. Bee said she thought CNN chief Jeff Zucker might’ve been trying to recreate the debate ratings bonanza from the 2016 election, but she was surprised that the debate had more intellectual merit than the “pointless train wreck” she expected it to be.

“I can honestly say I would give my left tit to have either one of you wonderful mansplaining pricks in the White House right now,” said Bee. “We were watching CNN, and not just in an airport with the sound off. We saw you serve the public interest for almost half a day.”

Watch above, via TBS.

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