Sam Bee, Patton Oswalt Team Up to Rip ‘Conception Deception’ of Pregnancy Crisis Centers


Actor and comedian Patton Oswalt appeared on Full Frontal last night to help tackle “the ultimate hustle, a conception deception, a masterpiece of gynecological grift.” Oswalt, of course, was talking about pregnancy crisis centers.

Samantha Bee has looked at women’s health issues many a time on her show, all in spite of how the subject of abortion got more thorny after pro-life advocates led a controversial smear campaign against Planned Parenthood last year. Yesterday, Bee looked at the efforts of Georgia lawmakers to kill rape kit legislation while promoting facilities that frequently use selective research and scare tactics to discourage women from pursuing abortions.

Oswalt appeared throughout the segment as a mysterious illusionist, explaining how the deceptive practices of these institutions did not amount to much more than any magician’s trick. In the bit, Bee portrayed a nurse giving a pregnant woman false or exaggerated details about how abortions actually work.

“They con women into thinking that they provide the full range of reproductive health services, when they absolutely do not,” said Vicki Saporta of the National Abortion Federation. “Most of these fake clinics do not have licensed medical staff. Women are often given false ultrasound results, to make it seem that they’re much farther along in their pregnancies than they are.”

Oswalt finished off the segment by explaining how these institutions are state-funded, that they usually pass themselves off as standard women’s health facilities, and that “they’re educators the same way Darth Vader was a good f*cking father.”

Editor’s Note: Vicki Saporta is the president and CEO of the National Abortion Federation. Saporta was misidentified in the segment and a previous version of this article as being from the National Abortion Foundation.

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