Sam Bee Tests the ‘Unshakeable Willingness to Dream Big’ for a Panel of ‘Bernie Bros’

She may be a newcomer to the late night scene in her new role, but Samantha Bee has proven before that she can hold dynamic panel discussions with the best of them. With the New York primary taking place tonight, Full Frontal decided to talk to Bernie Sanders‘ fans about their continued confidence that he can beat the odds of the polls and pundits.

Assembling an “impossibly-diverse panel” of Sanders fans, Bee gauged the extent to which doubters have underestimated the Vermont senator’s momentum. Criticism of the “unfair” media came almost right off the bat; in response, Bee emphasized, “I’m not here to bash Bernie. I’m just here to understand your optimism, stick my fingers in, roll it around in my hands and restore myself to the person I used to be.”

The panel touched a myriad of topics: from aversion to Hillary Clinton, to the stereotype of Sanders fans being naive, entitled and politically unrealistic. The panelists insisted that a push for change under Sanders would be more lasting and consistent than it was after President Obama‘s election, which prompted Bee to have her own thoughts of political hope and optimism… that is, until the animated unicorn she imagined started gnawing on her finger.

Watch above, via TBS.

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