Sam Donaldson on Trump and Kellyanne’s ‘Symbiotic’ Relationship: They’re Like ‘Mongoose and Cobra’


Sam Donaldson is a legendary newsman who has been around politics and the presidency for a long time.

Yet according to longtime ABC White House correspondent, he has never seen anyone like Kellyanne Conway before.

In remarks that were sparked by the revelations about Conway in Team of Vipers, — a new expose written by former White House aide Cliff Sims — Donaldson said this about Conway and her relationship to President Donald Trump:

“She and the president are symbiotic in their relationship. They look at a mirror and they see each other. They are both narcissists. They both want all the kind of media spotlight on them. They don’t mind trashing anyone. She trashed Morning Joe… He trashes people and they both lie. What more do you want?”

He added: “Now, in a leaker, though, you want the straight stuff if you’re going to publish it. You don’t want to pass along something that is not right. So Kellyanne Conway has to be careful. When she covers herself by saying these are all alternative facts. No, it is not alternative facts or alternative truths. You can’t buy that.”

Cooper then asked if Trump hates leaks so much, why is Conway still at the White House.

“She leaks good things for him,” Donaldson replied. “He hates leakers unless they are leaks that he wants. Presidents are all kind of alike…Ronald Reagan said ‘I’m up to my keister in leak’ but he didn’t mind if the leak really served the purpose of the administration… Why is she still there? He likes her. They have a relationship, mongoose and cobra.”

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