Sam Harris Defends Assertion That ‘Islam Is the Motherlode of Bad Ideas’

Atheist thinker Sam Harris appeared on CNN Monday night to defend his claim that Islam is “the motherlode of bad ideas.” Harris made this assertion during a heated debate on Bill Maher‘s show recently with actor Ben Affleck over Islam. Days after that confrontation, Harris wrote that Affleck was clearly gunning for him in a personal way that he didn’t quite understand.

Harris told Don Lemon that unlike what some secular liberals may believe, all religions are not equal. Stoning and the death of religious apostates are both principles of the Islamic faith, he contended.

He said reformist Muslims should be willing to “speak honestly about this,” because at least with Christianity, there’s no talk of “stoning people for working on the sabbath.” But, Harris continued, plenty of Muslims appear to be “hostage to the contents of these books.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

[image via screengrab]

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