Sam Stein: Fox News Served as Trump’s Campaign Arm; Caravan Coverage Was ‘Propaganda’

We live in a time where even the most banal and obvious observations still need to be stated clearly.

Take for example The Daily Beast’s Sam Stein, who put a very fine point on the unique relationship that President Donald Trump enjoys with politically friendly media outlets, namely Fox News.

In the instance of the vast amount of caravan coverage Fox News provided during the month that led to Tuesday’s midterm elections (that shockingly ended the day after said election), Stein called it what it was: “political campaign motivated propaganda.”

“Part of the issue here is that you have a media operation, Fox News, but also conservative talk radio, that essentially just amplifies whatever the president’s political agenda is to be. And in this case, I think you accurately pointed out, the programming on the caravan was propaganda. It was a political campaign motivated propaganda.”

Host Joe Scarborough chimed in to call Fox News “state-run television,” to which Stein agreed.

He then added “So any talk about Trump’s political issues, he has to mention the fact that he has a media entity that is essentially serving as a campaign arm. I am not shocked in the slightest that the programming on the caravan is stopping entirely on Fox. It was never a story. It was a campaign issue.”

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