Sam Stein Jokes About Reagan Getting Shot in Mockery of Trump’s ‘Poor Treatment’


By all accounts Huffington Post reporter Sam Stein is a very well-respected and likable figure in the political media world. It’s no surprise that he is a frequent guest pundit on Morning Joe, as his insightful commentary often transcends a form that is often both cliche and banal.

So it was something of a surprise to see him reference the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan — cue angelic music — as a means to ridicule President Trump’s apparent obsession with how poorly he has been treated.

After running a number of clips that appear to demonstrate Trump’s think skin (and massive ego), host Mika Brzezinski turned to her studio guest for comment. Stein laughed, before pointing out that there were a number of other president’s who had been treated worse than Trump, naming Lincoln and Reagan who were both shot.

To be clear, Stein wasn’t in anyway mocking Reagan or suggesting a shooting. But it is somewhat surprising that Stein seemed to forget Reagan’s deified status on the right, and that a cavalier mentioning of his getting shot — especially as a way to deride a sitting Republican president – is the sort red meat anger porn that goes viral in conservative ranks.

Or, as I heard via text from an old friend, “If it was Obama who was shot….there’s no way you would bring it up in a joking manner. Not funny regardless of who it is.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC, and either get outraged at the apparent joking manner at which Stein mentions the attempt at Reagan’s life, or get angry that this post even exists. After which, let’s hold each other tight and remember that each of us suffer from the very same human condition.

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