Samantha Bee Credits Trump For Striking a ‘Semi-Responsible Tone’ After Bomb Scares


On Wednesday night, Samantha Bee offered the subtlest of praise for President Donald Trump for his reaction to the series of bomb scares that took place throughout the day.

Bee began by expressing how “terrified” she was after pipe bombs were sent to the Clintons, President Obama, CNN, and several other Democratic politicians and by expressing gratitude that everyone was safe, giving a special shoutout to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for allowing everyone else to “huddle in his beard for warmth.”

She poked fun at Fox News for “trying to do a journalism” for a tweet that meant to say “white powder” and was sent as “white power.”

“You know, I don’t mean to be critical right now, auto-correct doesn’t change ‘white powder’ to ‘white power’ unless you type ‘white power’ a lot,” Bee said.

The Full Frontal host did give Trump a mild kudos for remarks he made at the White House.

“In the immediate aftermath, even Donald Trump struck a semi-responsible tone,” Bee admitted. “It’s nice that Trump tried briefly to be the president today. . I mean, just so you know, I’m taping this at 6:00 P.M. So if he said ‘Hillary is in ISIS’ at 6:01, it hasn’t happened yet.”

Bee added that “it’s rare for to hear “someone on the right” talking about their favorite adversaries like they’re people,” pointing to Trump’s recent rhetoric calling Democrats an “angry mob.”

“It would be great if the president and his cronies talked about Democrats and the press with a shred of humanity, even on days when their lives weren’t threatened,” Bee told her viewers.

It’s worth noting that earlier this year, Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump a “feckless c**t.”

Watch the clip above, via TBS.

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