WATCH: Samantha Bee ‘Auditions’ for Cats the Movie

Full Frontal host Samantha Bee revealed that she once ‘auditioned’ for Cats. Sadly, though, she did not get the part.

The mockumentary style video starts with her donning cat ears and looking into a mirror, before moving to an interview with Bee sharing her disappointment when she realized the movie was made without her.

“Yeah, I was surprised to see the Cats trailer this weekend,” she says to the camera. “I sent in my audition tape. I felt very confident about it.”

The video then moves to Bee — in a black cat nose and whiskers — hissing.

With footage of her acting cat-like and dancer-ish playing on the screen, she then notes she is the perfect fit for “Cats the musical, the movie.”

“I’m a mezzo-soprano, 30 years of dance training, not what they teach you in schools,” she voices over her audition tape. “There’s just a language of a cat that I understand with my tool.”

Bee then explains why Cats is just so important right now.

“There are just so many horrors in today’s world; it just makes you ask the question, ‘What is important?’ And the answer is: a movie about a bunch of trash cats competing for who gets to die,” she says.

The video concludes by rationalizing that “maybe they were just too cowardly to let a late-night host be a cat on the silver screen.”

That line is no doubt a nod to Late Late Show host James Corden, the Tony Award winning actor, singer and host who snagged the role of Bustopher Jones in the upcoming, star-studded Cats film adaptation.

Watch above, via TBS

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