Samantha Bee Recalls Interviewing Kellyanne Conway on The Daily Show: Even Back Then, She Was ‘Thirsty’


On Thursday night, Samantha Bee appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and was presented with an old clip of herself interviewing Kellyanne Conway on The Daily Show.

The clip, which Bee guessed was from 2007-2008, showed her having a conversation with Conway about the “packaging” of the GOP.

“It’s like the Republican Party is a s**t sandwich, how do you get Americans to eat the sandwich?” Bee asked.

“Well, you dip it in chocolate and you say it has no calories,” Conway responded.

Bee told Jimmy Kimmel that her interactions with Conway were “quite pleasant” and that she was “really lovely.”

“She was on The Daily show many, many times in the years that I was there,” Bee said. “And it got to the point where people were like — producers were like, ‘Uh, should we call Kellyanne? She’ll say anything that we want her to.’ And they were like, ‘Well, we kinda use her too much. Let’s not call Kellyanne this time.” Because even back then, we had a sense that she was very thirsty.”

The Full Frontal host agreed with Kimmel that Conway seems like “the smartest one in that group,” adding that she’s “very canny.” She later clarified that she hasn’t stayed in touch with Conway, who now serves as White House Counselor to President Trump.

Kimmel complimented Bee for her talent of “letting people hang themselves” during interviews, which she pushed back insisting she only “wears people down.”

“I somehow wear people down to a nub and then they reveal themselves to me,” Bee told Kimmel. “You could sense the growing acrimony in an interview for sure.”

Watch the clip above, via ABC.

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