Samantha Bee Rips the Media for Getting Suckered into Trump’s Birther Conference


Full Frontal host Samantha Bee put cable news on blast Monday night for constantly getting fished in by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, and the ratings he brings in with his incendiary antics.

Bee took the media to task last week for not doing enough to fact-check Trump, and she was prompted to do it again in response to the superfluous media coverage that was devoted to the news conference at which the real estate mogul finally acknowledged that President Obama was a natural-born U.S. citizen. The conference was a sensationalized news event at which the media not only gave copious airtime to Trump’s vacant podium, but then stuck with the event as it turned into a major act of self-promotion.

After likening the coverage to nest-cam viewers waiting for a hawk to come back, Bee ripped the media for getting strung along by the presser as much as they were.

Trump has continued to take criticism from those who viewed his birther renouncement as inadequate, filled with lies, and/or was intentional trickery of the media. Bee also got in on this, hammering Trump for perpetuating the conspiracy and trying to put the blame on Hillary Clinton‘s 2008 staff (where there is only one alleged instance of that occurring anywhere in her immediate orbit).

“A decade of racist conspiracy mongering brushed off in a 32-word statement that contained two lies, plus one of those lies repeated, and the half-hearted disavowal of the original lie,” Bee stormed. “Even the part where he says, ‘you know what I mean,’ isn’t really true since nobody knows what the f*ck he’s talking about there.”

Watch above, via TBS.

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