Samantha Bee Rips Trump and Media Over Debate: ‘Save Us From Fascism, But Don’t be a Bitch About it’


After delaying her show to Wednesday night so she could do post-debate analysis, Samantha Bee delivered the Donald Trump/political media takedown that Full Frontal fans had been waiting for.

Beginning with a focus on Monday night’s first presidential debate (or as she called it, the moment America played Russian Roulette with Democracy), Bee observed the way Clinton and Trump hammered away at each other while moderator Lester Holt allowed them to have the floor. Bee has been critical of the media for not doing more to challenge Trump’s distortions of the truth, but she did give Holt credit for calling Trump out for favoring the objectionable practice of stop-and-frisk.

Eventually, Bee congratulated Clinton on maneuvering Trump into talking about his attacks on a former Miss Universe winner, correctly predicting he would double down, counterattack and place himself in a position that would endanger his chances to reach undecided voters.

“Now you have a real problem, not only with her but with every woman who’s ever been called fat. Which is all of us!”

Later that night, Bee turned her attention to the media, particularly the many people who set a high bar for Clinton, while setting basement-level expectations for Trump low. Indeed, some reporters stated that Trump could’ve won the debate by simply not doing anything as incendiary or controversial as he’s been know to do, while Clinton’s performance had to strike the perfect balance of humanization and political intelligence.

“Be perfect, but not too perfect. Save us from fascism, but don’t be a bitch about it,” Bee summed up.

As indications suggest that Clinton walked away with the stronger performance, Bee suggested that maybe all that the former Secretary of State had to do after all was show how her experience and preparation outclass Trump.

“She’s never gonna make you love her,” Bee said. “but we don’t need her to be warm and vulnerable. It turns out what American needs Hillary Clinton to be, she already is…”

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