Samantha Bee: Terms Like ‘Coastal Elites,’ ‘Globalists,’ and ‘Hollywood Liberals’ are ‘Dog Whistles’ For Anti-Semitism

On Wednesday night, Samantha Bee slammed President Donald Trump and the Republican Party for “tolerating” anti-Semtitism.

Bee began by blasting the White House’s response to the horrific synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, pointing to their attacks on the media and portraying the president as the “true victim.”

The Full Frontal host said the Republican Party not only “tolerates” anti-Semitism but “benefits” from it as well.

“Mainstream conservatives would never say anything negative about Jewish people outright but there are other words they use like ‘coastal elites,’ ‘globalists,’ ‘Hollywood liberals’ or ‘Jon Leibowitz‘ [aka Jon Stewart],” Bee told her viewers. “And currently the biggest, loudest dog whistle is George Soros.”

Bee explained that Soros is a “billionaire investor and Jewish Holocaust survivor who created a charitable foundation called Open Society,” but that people on the right believe he’s a “demonic, Nazi, commie super villain” who “controls everything.”

“This sleepy old Ziadie is not a puppet master,” Bee continued. “He may be wealthy and influential but he does not control the government, the weather, or anyone’s poops, aside, I hope, from his own.”

She then accused several prominent GOP lawmakers of being anti-Semitic by invoking George Soros and blamed the “dog whistles” for inspiring the Trump-supporting bomber to mail a pipe bomb to his house.

Watch the clip above, via TBS.

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