Sarah Hucakbee Sanders: Trump’s Frustration with Sessions Recusal May Never Go Away


Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about President Trump‘s latest tweets today, and she remarked on the president’s clear frustration and disappointment with Jeff Sessions

Earlier today, Trump took the slams against his attorney general to a new level by remarking about Sessions’ “very weak position on Hillary Clinton crimes.” When Sanders was asked about this on Fox & Friends, she remarked about how the president has never sent “mixed messages” about the Clinton, and Trump wants a “fair playing field” as he continues to face scrutiny from the “ridiculous witch-hunt” on Russia.

Ed Henry noted how Trump previously indicated that he didn’t plan on prosecuting Clinton after all, and Henry also asked Sanders about why Trump went after Sessions for being “beleaguered.” Sanders responded that “right now Attorney General Sessions is the attorney general,” though she also suggested that Trump will always be angry with Sessions’ recusal, and he might act upon it someday.

“That frustration certainly hasn’t gone away. You know, I don’t think it will,” Sanders said. “But given the fact that the president is being attacked unnecessarily and certainly for no reason on something that I think he and most of America feel is a complete hoax and the media has gotten so spun up in Russia fever.”

Sanders went on to slam the media’s obsession with Russia some more, but when asked about who might replace Sessions as attorney general, she said she wasn’t part of those conversations with the president and declined to comment.

Watch above, via Fox.

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