Sarah Huckabee Sanders Barraged by Questions on Trump Jr.’s Emails: ‘How is That Not Collusion?’

Sarah Huckabee Sanders faced an avalanche of questions today when reporters asked her for the White House’s reaction to Donald Trump Jr.’s released emails about his meeting with a Russian lawyer.

Sanders began the Tuesday gaggle with a statement from President Trump about how his son is “a high quality person and I applaud his transparency.” Sanders said she would refer all further question on the matter to Trump Jr.’s lawyers and the White House’s outside counsel, but that didn’t stop the flood from coming her way.

“So the White House hasn’t disputed any of the following that the president’s son, campaign chair, and son-in-law had this meeting with the express purpose of receiving damaging information about Hillary Clinton, and with knowledge of the Russian government supporting Trump’s campaign. How is that not collusion?”

Sanders kept referring to outside counsel despite further questions about whether she would dispute any of the findings from The New York Times. Sanders also shied away from inquiries about the Trump team’s previous denials of contact with Russians, but she did express that it was “ridiculous” to think Trump Jr.’s emails give weight to accusations of “treason” or “perjury.”

Sanders also declined to clarify whether Jared Kushner still has White House security clearance, considering his involvement in the meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya. The deputy press secretary also couldn’t say what “transparency” Trump was applauding when indications suggest that his son only released his emails after the Times told him they were about to release a new report about his meetings.

Watch above, via CNN.

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