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Sarah Palin: ‘Cojones’ Was Appropriate ‘In The Context’ Of Illegal Immigrants

Sarah Palin made her first TV appearance tonight since crudely asserting that President Obama lacked the testicular fortitude to run the country, and she’s standing by her (vulgar Spanish) word. Talking to Sean Hannity, she explained that she said it “in this context:” that Arizona government Jan Brewer was showing the “guts” that the President is not. She also called him “complacent” and “over his head.”

Asked about the response to her comment, Palin defended it, and reiterated her point that “the president lacks some guts” to deal with the illegal immigration problem the way she would like to see him do so, showing that “America is a nation of laws” and stopping the “travesty” that is the illegal immigration crisis. She also seemed to indicate that she wasn’t expecting the type of impact that her remark on Sunday had on the news cycle.

Palin also weighed in on several other topical issues, including the overturning of Proposition 8 in California– while she admitted that she hadn’t read the ruling yet, she questioned facetiously how many times “Californians have to say their definition of marriage as one husband and one wife,” indicating that she leans towards thinking it was a judicial overreach.

Video below:

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