Sarah Palin Brings Cookies To Pennsylvania School, Hints At Presidential Run

Kids usually aren’t supposed to take treats from strangers. Sarah Palin, however, wasn’t trying to lure the children she gave cookies to, but rather their parents. “Who should be deciding what I eat?” Palin asked at a fundraising event at a Bucks County, PA, Christian school, a clear shot at First Lady Michelle Obama‘s nutrition guidelines. “Should it be government or should it be parents? It should be the parents.” And then, as we’ve come to expect, she teased the audience by hinting at her possible presidential run.

After one student serenaded the audience, Palin complimented his performance and asked if he’d like to sing in an inauguration. “Wha—but whose inauguration?” the crowd surely wondered to themselves. Not for long, though—Palin quickly shouted, “Not necessarily mine!”

As for the cookie stunt, she told the crowd, “I look at Pennsylvania and I think of sweets. I think of Hershey.” This fell in line with something she’d tweeted earlier in the day:

2 PA school speech; I’ll intro kids 2 beauty of laissez-faire via serving them cookies amidst school cookie ban debate;Nanny state run amok!

Ah, so the cookies were a metaphor. A delicious, chocolate-chip metaphor.

Watch the rule-breaking Palin’s shenanigans in the video below.

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