Sarah Palin Claims Libya Intervention Costing Americans $600 Million A Day

While CNN got the immediate, lukewarm response from 2008 Republican Presidential candidate John McCain to President Barack Obama‘s speech, Fox gave his running mate a few moments to ruminate on the strengths and weaknesses of his statement. Finding none of the former and plenty of the latter, Sarah Palin demanded to know why President Obama refused to declare Gaddafi a personal enemy, and incorrectly stated the military effort is costing $600 million a day.

Palin hit the ground running on On the Record tonight, telling host Greta Van Susteren that the speech confirmed her belief “the Obama doctrine is still full of chaos and questions,” and that she was still waiting to hear “what is our endgame.” She repeated that the speech “disappointed” her several times, and insisted on the President assering that Muammar Gaddafi “must go,” dead or alive. “America’s interest lie in Gaddafi being ousted,” she noted. She also asserted that Gaddafi’s “M.O. from now on” would be to destroy America unless he was ousted or killed, the second in what may become a series of Machiavellian assertions from potential 2012 candidates since Mike Huckabee argued he would rather see America “feared than liked.”

Unlike Rachel Maddow, Palin also was unsatisfied with the explanation of Libya being a humanitarian effort. “Why not Darfur?” she asked. “Why not North Korea?” She decried the President’s “post-American policy” and, asked by Van Susteren once again on the purpose of the efforts, noted, “that’s the $600 million dollars a day question.” The claim passed completely unquestioned, though most estimates appear to put the real number at $600 million for the first week.

The segment via Fox News below:

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