Sarah Palin Joins Bill O’Reilly To Debate Government Entitlement Reform

Despite not being among the network personalities Fox News suspended due to exploring presidential runs, Sarah Palin hasn’t been heard from much on TV lately. Tonight, she changed that with an O’Reilly Factor appearance. Did she celebrate her return with an explosive stance on a hotly debated topic? If by “hotly debated topic” you mean “entitlement programs” and by “explosive stance” you mean “they must be reformed,” then yes!

O’Reilly agreed that changes must be made, but when he tried to push Palin for specifics on what she’d do, he was met with limited success. She praised Rep. Paul Ryan’s Roadmap for America’s Future as having good ideas on the subject – specifically, it sounded, that Social Security benefits should remain the same for those 55 and older, while creating “personal accounts” for younger enrollees (lest we trust the government more than individuals to plan their futures).

When O’Reilly questioned her on whether poor people would be hurt by Medicare and Medicaid reform, though, he got…jabs at Michael Moore, Hollywood, and Washington. After multiple attempts to turn the conversation back to “the poor people,” he was able to finagle something out of Palin about the need for a “safety net” (coupled with her chiding the federal government for not letting Alaska tap further into its natural resources).

Video of a segment that will undoubtedly provoke much more heated partisan bickering than it would were Palin not involved below, via Fox News.

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